DevOps Engineer

The municipality, the kitchen specialist, the hairdresser. They all have one thing in common. Planning is not easy. From the switch to online appointments and constantly changing availability to scheduling multiple employees for the same customer, it remains difficult to properly divide the time. Fortunately, we have the solution. Can you help us build it?

Tell me more…

Make an appointment to shop. It’s part of the new normal. But how are all those shopkeepers supposed to do that? It’s hard to sit by the phone all day if you have customers in the store. Fortunately, there is a solution. A total solution. One that works for every type of company and every kind of appointment, with all the extra features you could wish for.

From scheduling directly with multiple employees, making automatic follow-up appointments, and seamlessly reschedule all appointments you have, to integrated payment solutions. This unicorn in the making makes it all possible. And with more than 2.5 million users a year, we have already scheduled a date for next year at the top of the Dutch Scale-up scene. Can you help us to arrive on time?

What can I do?

Upscaling. And fast too. The number of users of the application – which has now been integrated into a large number of local authorities, retail organizations, and consultancies – is growing daily and that growth must be managed in the right direction. That means not only making difficult choices when it comes to the architecture of the application, but also the infrastructure and even the composition of the team.

As a DevOps Engineer, it is your job to get to know the application inside and out and to develop a vision for the future. Both for the application and for the team. The solution is not short on features, but ensuring that all those features are always available to everyone is still a challenge with this number of users. And how to deal with all the customization and integration with existing applications at the customer?

That sounds cool, but can I bring something else?

Rather not. With your experience as a DevOps Engineer, love for Azure, and thorough knowledge of architecture, you are already well on your way. We are happy to teach you the rest so that you can eventually grow into an Architect. Your communication skills ensure that you can level up well with all your colleagues, both in development and in the business. And your genuine interest in technology ensures that you never stop learning and constantly come up with new ideas. In short, you are the perfect person to get us to the stock market in 5 years and not afraid to roll up your sleeves.

That’s me! But what exactly do I get in return?

Time is precious, so yours will be well rewarded. That is why you start with a basic salary of up to €7500 gross per month. You also enjoy a good pension and excellent secondary conditions. In addition, an employee option model is currently being developed so that everyone can benefit from the company’s growth. So what are you waiting for? Apply Now!