T:MEBLOCKR helps during COVID-19

The Corona situation has a significant influence on organizations and working by appointment. You would like to receive customers, and it is useful if they can make an appointment themselves, but you must comply with rules. There are also new possibilities, such as appointments via video calling. How do you deal with all of this? T:MEBLOCKR ensures that you can open by appointment and reduces costs.

Shops may open by appointment!

As long as they comply with the rules*:

1. By appointment with time slots
2. Maximum number of customers
3. Registration of visitors
4. Video call appointments

1. Work by appointment with time slots

T:MEBLOCKR is customer focussed. Your customers can reserve a time slot online 24/7, via your own trusted website, when it suits them. This way you avoid many back-and-forth emails and phone calls and you are always available. The customer automatically receives a confirmation by email and/or SMS, which prevents no-shows. With our appointment platform, you meet the requirement to plan at least 4 hours in advance. With the option of a “completion time”, for example to accompany the customer out of the store or to disinfect a chair.

2. Maximum number of customers, minimum time slots

How do you optimally use the capacity of, for example, a shop, swimming pool or meeting room, assuming a distance of 1.5 metres and a limited capacity? With T:MEBLOCKR, appointments are automatically scheduled with the correct available employee, department or resource. You can also set a maximum – per location, or even per floor, taking into account the number of employees. This way you prevent too many visitors from being in your store at the same time. The minimum appointment duration of 10 minutes is also adjustable. Of course, a different duration can be chosen for longer appointments.

3. Registration of visitors

The government requires you to register the visitors. For example, a warning can be given in the event that there is a COVID-19 report. With T:MEBLOCKR, the visitors’ data (according to AVG/GDPR) is stored for a period of your choice. No manual administration is required, so that saves a lot of time. You can also easily find the necessary data per day or by searching for a person.

4. Video call appointments

Not everyone likes meeting in person nowadays and sometimes the capacity is not there. A remote appointment with video calling is the perfect solution. You are not in the same physical space, which is ideal for avoiding contamination. An additional advantage is that travel time is also saved, for example if you are serving as an advisor or representative. With T:MEBLOCKR and integrated video call appointments, you can see each other, share documents or your screen and chat. This ensures a personalized and valuable appointment.

T:MEBLOCKR is easy for you and your customer

✔ More appointments; customers can book easily online 24/7. They will receive an automatic e-mail and SMS confirmation and reminder.
✔ Save time; appointmens will be booked with the available employee with the required knowledge.
✔ User friendly; employees can easily use the planning board to make, change and view appointments and details.
✔ 100% safe; data is hosted in line with the highest governmental requirements according to ISO, EN en GDPR standards.

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The regels* as written by the governments.