T:MEBLOCKR is a complete appointment platform. From integrated video calling, appointments based on the expertise of your employees, multi-channel, to automatic appointment requests. Discover all our features to get the most out of your organization.

Plug & Play

T:MEBLOCKR works in every website and CMS. It is easily adaptable to your house style and no IT knowledge is required.

Remote apointment

Simple video calling in T:MEBLOCKR via co-browsing. No IT knowledge or software required. With useful functions such as screen sharing, chat, document sharing, recording, webinar and file compiling in our appointment platform.

Competence management

When making an appointment, we automatically take into account the right expertise of employees, (meeting) rooms or other resources that are necessary for a successful appointment.


T:MEBLOCKR ensures more appointments through all your sales channels: website(s), social media such as Facebook, or the call centre. Appointments are immediately scheduled in the correct personal agenda and at the right location.

Automatic appointment requests

Send automatic appointment requests to customers and get more conversion from marketing campaigns, trade shows or newsletters. This can also be combined with periodic reminders, such as for a driving license extension or annual inspections.

Calendar synchronization

We take employee availability into account, thanks to real-time 2-way synchronization with Office 365 / Outlook or G-Suite calendars. We also send an automatic appointment request to the customer and the employee.

Travel time optimization

T:MEBLOCKR plans the optimal travel route for appointments, taking into account the appointment locations and travel time. The representative thereby drives an efficient route and customers are automatically informed.

Integration of back-office systems

T:MEBLOCKR integrates effortlessly with back-office systems such as AFAS, Exact, ERP and scheduling systems or business systems.

But there is more…


  • Automatic notifications: We automatically send (push) notifications, such as a personal confirmation email or a reminder via SMS. An appointment can also be changed from here.
  • Location control: Based on the postal code of the customer or resident, we automatically show the nearest location for making an appointment.
  • Customer guidance: Do you receive customers or residents on location where they have to register? We ensure smooth customer guidance. From mobile phone registration and ticket/QR scanner to call screen.
  • Payments: When making the appointment, the customer can pay directly via iDeal, BanContact, credit card or PayPal.
  • Term monitoring: Does an appointment have to be made within a certain period, such as for an inspection or passport extension? Then we provide an automatic reminder and appointment request to the customer.
  • ID verification and online signature: You can identify customers by ID verification or a legally valid online signature.
  • Multilingual: Our appointment platform is available in several languages: Dutch, Flemish, English, German, French, Spanish and Polish.
  • Single Sign-On: Thanks to the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature, you can easily and securely log in to T:MEBLOCKR from your own system.
  • Rights & roles: You can assign certain rights and roles to employees depending on position and activities.
  • My T:MEBLOCKR: In the “My Environment”, customers can view their appointments. And because the personal data has already been entered, they can easily and quickly make new appointments.
  • Data insight: a.o. number of appointments per location, employee, time unit, appointment duration, etc.

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  • Occupancy rate & Capacity planning: Insight into what percentage of the capacity is fully booked. If the upper or lower limit is reached, you will receive an automatic notification.
  • Available 24/7: T:MEBLOCKR is your colleague who never sleeps. Available day and night for making appointments and changes.
  • BI connector: Insight into, the number of appointments, type of appointments, waiting times, no-shows, handling times, etc. This can also be linked to your own Business Intelligence software such as Qlik or Cognos.
  • Visual planning board: The interactive planning board from T:MEBLOCKR is very clear and intuitive. Create, drag or change your appointments instantly with one click.
  • Appointments and reservations: In addition to 1-on-1 appointments, you can also make appointments or reservations for several people at the same time. Such as for the swimming pool or an information evening.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Wondering if your customer is satisfied? Then simply link a customer satisfaction survey via our platform.
  • GDPR: You fully comply with the GDPR law. Appointment data can be anonymized and/or deleted after a period.
  • Product and appointment management: You can directly integrate the appointment form on a specific (product) page. The entry fields will be automatically filled in based on the information, such as product or location. Thus, the customer only has to choose a date and time.
  • Narrowcasting: With the Narrowcasting feature, you can easily compile your own broadcasts and show news or announcements on information screens.
  • Open API: We use a REST API. This means that a link between your system and T:MEBLOCKR is easy to arrange.
  • Responsive: The design of our appointment platform automatically adapts to your own website. As a result, T:MEBLOCKR is displayed properly on any device.