Appointment platform for high involvement retail 

More appointments = more customers = more turnover. You know that better than anyone. But how do you get more appointments? By making it easy for customers to schedule an appointment – where and when it suits them, from any (product) page. And that is exactly what T:MEBLOCKR does. We offer an automated appointment platform for high involvement retail with which customers can schedule their appointment themselves. This saves you a lot of time, e-mails and phone calls. Moreover, we link your customer directly to the right expert. It’s a win-win solution!

Is T:MEBLOCKR the solution for my (web)shop? 

Curious whether T:MEBLOCKR’s planning and appointment platform is right for your (web)store? See if you find yourself in any of the following situations.

Situation #1 | I want to provide my customers with the best possible service.

Your customers are your top priority. Therefore, it is crucial to be available whenever it is convenient for them. You don’t want to them to encounter closed doors or make them wait in line (or on hold) due to an under-staffed service desk. You can ensure that you don’t miss out on any business by letting your customers make an appointment online via T:MEBLOCKR. Wherever they are, via PC or smartphone, they can reservation a time for safe shopping, under the conditions set by your company. This is the best solution whether it concerns advice about a kitchen, interior design, a washing machine or a demonstration of a new TV.

Situation #2 | I want visitors to actually become customers. 

You warmly welcome potential customers to your (web)shop and want them to browse extensively and consider all their choices. But, of course, you also want them to make an appointment and become an actual customer. So, how do you achieve that? T:MEBLOCKR has the solution. You can easily add our appointment platform to specific website pages, with pre-filled appointment details linked to a product and an employee. This makes it very easy for your customer to make an appointment and even lets them pay for products immediately.

Situation #3 | I want to give advice or help my customers remotely. 

Do you want to help your customers and provide your services remotely? For example, when installing, repairing or providing advice about a product? Then simply meet with your customers online at their home. You can easily schedule video calling appointments via T:MEBLOCKR. This not only works very quickly and easily, it also saves you a lot of (travel) time. In addition, video calling via T:MEBLOCKR is one hundred percent safe. The Remote Appointment module also makes it easy to do video calls, so you can let customers see your showroom or share your screen.

Situation #4 | I want to work efficiently and make optimal use of my employees. 

You want to do as much as possible in one day. That is why you prefer to eliminate as many manual tasks as possible. You also want to use your employees as efficiently as possible. This is only logical. T:MEBLOCKR helps you automatically schedule appointments with your customers, and it even sends e-mail and SMS confirmations and reminders. Not only that, T:MEBLOCKR also automatically takes into account the availability of your resources, such as employees and meeting rooms and matches customers with the right experts.

Situation #5 | I work with many different systems that are not well integrated.

Do the current systems in your company not work well together, preventing processes from running smoothly? T:MEBLOCKR has the solution. Our platform can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems such as your website, Office 365, AFAS or ERP. What is also great is that T:MEBLOCKR can easily be scaled up to other departments.

5 main advantages of T:MEBLOCKR 

T:MEBLOCKR offers countless possibilities and applications. Its main purpose is to make your daily business run more efficiently and to generate more leads. The biggest advantages? We’ll list them for you!

Higher conversion of visitors to customers

It is an honour to have potential customers visit your (web)store. But in the end, of course, you want these people to actually buy something. T:MEBLOCKR helps you increase the conversion from visitor to customer.

100% safe and Digi-accessible (EN 301 549 with WCAG 2.1)

Our software is completely web-based, so it’s easy and safe. You don’t have to worry about data security – not even with regard to GDPR/AVG and the digital accessibility law, because T:MEBLOCKR meets the highest national and European security requirements. We are the absolute frontrunner when it comes to data security and accessibility.

Better service and higher customer satisfaction

A satisfied customer is the best marketing. Make sure that your service is in top form, so that your customers tell others about their positive experience with your company. T:MEBLOCKR’s appointment platform helps you provide better service.

Time savings and optimal utilization 

Manual tasks are a thing of the past. Thanks to T:MEBLOCKR, from now on appointments with your customers are scheduled automatically. It takes into account the expertise and availability within your team, so that your staffing is optimally used.

Easy to integrate into your website and work processes 

T:MEBLOCKR can be integrated seamlessly into your website, CMS, social media and your calendar, such as Office 365 or G-suite. It can also be linked with AFAS, Exact or your CRM system, among others.

Handy features for the retail sector

  • Easily schedule offline and online (video call) appointments
  • Multi-channel integration with website, social media and products
  • Schedule appointments based on expertise, location, meeting room and products
  • Easy to adapt to your company’s house style
  • Analytics about productivity, types of appointments, handling time etc.

T:MEBLOCKR proudly serves goods and electronics stores, hairdressers, travel agencies, car dealers.