Appointment platform & customer guidance for municipalities

Do you work at a local or national government agency and do you want to ensure that residents can easily make an appointment or reservation (online)? Then you should learn more about T:MEBLOCKR. With our appointment platform, we help many Dutch and Belgian municipalities by facilitating (online) appointments and customer guidance on location. We do this for various policy areas, such as the civil registry, the Social Domain and civil affairs. If you choose T:MEBLOCKR, you opt for ease of use: both for you and for the residents. Moreover, thanks to our modules, you get more opportunities to help residents.

Is T:MEBLOCKR suitable for my organisation?

Do you find yourself in any of the following situations? Then the T:MEBLOCKR appointment platform is suitable for your government agency.

Situation #1 | It is not easy for residents to make an appointment.

How do the residents of your municipality or province make an appointment? Are they often kept waiting on hold or standing in line for a long time? Are they showing up just to find that you are closed? Does it take a long time for them to get an email reply? These inconveniences are a thing of the past. Thanks to T:MEBLOCKR, residents can easily schedule an appointment themselves (online) for whatever time they prefer. They can do so whenever it suits them from wherever they are and using whatever device they choose.

Situation #2 | You or your colleagues are under significant and increasing pressure at work.

Are you and your colleagues experiencing a lot of work pressure, for example due to a jumble of phone calls or mixed schedules? T:MEBLOCKR takes over all the administrative work related to scheduling an appointment. Visitor flows are regulated and appointments are scheduled fully automatically with an available employee with the right expertise. In addition, our appointment platform immediately takes into account the required desks or meeting rooms.

Situation #3 | The current systems do not work well together.

Do you work with different systems that are not (properly) integrated with each other? This is frustrating because it hinders work processes and involves extra work. We also often see that residents are sent to different external websites, which causes confusion and appears less secure. Not to mention the findability in the search engine and the purchase of additional security certificates. T:MEBLOCKR offers the solution. Our appointment/ticket platform integrates fully into your current systems, such as the website or CMS and the calendars of Office 365. Without customization!

Situation #4 | Appointments are not kept or forgotten.

Have you scheduled an appointment only to have the other person forget the appointment or fail to cancel it when necessary? This is annoying because it obviously disturbs the internal planning quite a bit. To limit the number of no-shows, T:MEBLOCKR sends automatic notifications. For example, a confirmation email can be sent along with a reminder via text message just before the appointment takes place.

Situation #5 | There is not complete control over the current systems.

Do you work with systems over which you do not have full control? As a result, are you dependent on the supplier when you want to make adjustments or expansions? If so, we have good news: with T:MEBLOCKR you have 100% control. We offer real Software as a Service (SaaS), so you have everything under control. From system security to changing products and settings. We ensure that nothing is set in stone.

The biggest advantages of T:MEBLOCKR

The advantage of our automated appointment platform is that administrative work regarding scheduling appointments is taken care of for you. That in turn offers a solution for the increasing workload at your government agency due to, among other things, legislation and regulations, decentralization of tasks and the corona crisis. Curious about the other benefits of T:MEBLOCKR? We list them here for you.

Improved services for residents

You will not be the only one who benefits from the intuitive appointment platform from T:MEBLOCKR; residents will also notice a difference. Thanks to our simple appointment module, they can make an appointment with a few mouse clicks or with a single call. They can do this from the comfort of home, whenever it suits them.

Time savings and optimal utilization

Automatically scheduling appointments saves you and your colleagues time. In addition, the available colleagues, time slots and meeting rooms are optimally used. Efficiency first!

Easily integrated into systems and processes

T:MEBLOCKR can be linked with almost all existing systems and is seamlessly integrated into the current work processes. Moreover, T:MEBLOCKR is easy to expand to other departments such as the recycling centre or the swimming pool.

Reducing the number of no-shows 

Prior to the appointment, T:MEBLOCKR sends automatic reminders, for example in the form of an text message. This will significantly reduce the number of no-shows.

Full control

As an organization you always maintain control over the T:MEBLOCKR appointment platform. You can easily change products and settings yourself.

Handy features for government agencies & municipalities

  • A clear planning board
  • Automatic reminders via e-mail SMS
  • Integration in website, social media and your own systems
  • Schedule available employees, counters and resources
  • Fully adaptable to your corporate identity

T:MEBLOCKR proudly serves government agencies in NL and BE, including The Hague, Arnhem, Hilversum, UWV, Koksijde, Kinrooi and City Harelbeke