Appointment platform for financial and legal advisers

In the financial or legal sector, you often have a service and advisory role. You are dealing with many different clients, each with their own situation and different needs. Every client deserves attention and of course the right expertise. You also want to be of service to your clients when it suits them. But how? T:MEBLOCKR can help you. We offer an automated appointment platform for the financial and legal sector, which allows clients to schedule their appointment themselves. They are then automatically linked to the correct expert. It’s all very well organised!

Is T:MEBLOCKR suitable for our consultancy?

Various financial and legal consultancies already work with the planning and appointment platform of T:MEBLOCKR. To determine if it is also suitable for your organization, see if you can relate to the following situations.

Situation #1 | I want to focus on my profession, not on peripheral matters.

It is your job to provide your clients with financial and/or legal advice. To do this you prefer to go in depth and discuss the various issues with them. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about peripheral matters, such as making appointments, answering emails and making phone calls? T:MEBLOCKR will take care of all of this for you. We ensure that your clients can make an appointment (online) with the right expert. This means that you can focus on your profession.

Situation #2 | I want to continuously work on increasing the satisfaction of my clients.

When your clients are happy, you are happy. As a financial or legal advisor, you want to provide services in a professional manner. Thus, you want to avoid disappointments, misunderstandings, inaccessibility, and so on. Give your client the opportunity to take matters into their own hands. Wherever they are, your clients can schedule an appointment 24/7 via T:MEBLOCKR – via PC or smartphone – whether it concerns mortgage advice, discussing insurance or drawing up a notarial deed. T:MEBLOCKR is the colleague who never sleeps.

Situation #3 | I want to give my clients advice digitally but safely.

The appointments you have with your clients are strictly confidential and contain sensitive information. That is why you probably prefer a physical appointment over a digital appointment. Nevertheless, we would like to introduce you to video calling via T:MEBLOCKR. Thanks to our integrated video calling appointments, you can have a digital conversation via a 100% secure connection. Thus, video banking and providing remote advice has never been easier. You also have the option to share your screen and chat, and you can easily share documents online and get documents signed in real time. Confidentiality guaranteed!

Situation #4 | I want to work efficiently and connect my clients to the right experts.

Working efficiently: that’s what everyone strives for. But how do you achieve that? First of all, make sure that most manual tasks are automated. In addition, it is important to link tasks and appointments to the right employees. We automatically schedule appointments with your clients. And not only that: T:MEBLOCKR also automatically takes into account the availability of staff, meeting rooms and the necessary expertise.

Situation #5 | I work with many different systems that don’t work well together.

Do the various systems you use not work well together? This can cause significant problems for the work processes. But T:MEBLOCKR has the solution. Our platform can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems such as your website, Office 365, AFAS or ERP systems. And the great thing is that T:MEBLOCKR can easily be scaled up to other departments.

The top 5 advantages of T:MEBLOCKR

The appointment platform from T:MEBLOCKR offers countless possibilities and applications. The aim of all of these is to make your work day more efficient. You also want to provide your clients with the best possible service. The main advantages of our platform? We list them for you here.

Higher conversion of visitors to clients

Are your potential clients looking for financial and/or legal advice? And do they end up on your website? That’s great! The next step is getting them to schedule an appointment with you for advice. T:MEBLOCKR takes care of this. It’s easy to add to your website and link to specific product pages.

100% safe and Digi accessible (EN 301 549 with WCAG 2.1)

Our software is fully web-based. That is easy and safe. You don’t have to worry about data security. Not even with regard to GDPR/AVG and the digital accessibility law, because T:MEBLOCKR meets the highest statutory national and European security requirements. In short, we are the absolute frontrunner when it comes to data security and accessibility.

Better service and higher satisfaction

Not only you will benefit from the intuitive appointment platform from T:MEBLOCKR, your clients will also notice a difference. Thanks to our simple appointment module, they can make an appointment with a few mouse clicks (or with one phone call), when it suits them. After all, satisfied customers are loyal customers!

Time savings and optimal staffing

Scheduling appointments automatically saves you and your colleagues time. We automatically take into account the expertise and availability within your team, so that your staffing is optimally used. Efficiency is a priority!

Easy to integrate into your website and work processes

T:MEBLOCKR is easy to integrate with existing systems, such as your website, Office 365, G-Suite and payment providers. This makes complicated links a thing of the past!

Handy features for financial and legal advisers

  • Clear planning board
  • Schedule video calls via a secure connection
  • Smooth integration with your website, social media and calendars.
  • Schedule appointments based on expertise, location and meeting room.
  • Completely and easily adaptable to your house style.

T:MEBLOCKR proudly serves the needs of lawyers, attorneys, civil-law notaries, banks and tax advisers