Appointment platform for the automotive industry

Do you work at a car garage? Then you are generally dealing with two types of appointments: urgent repairs and periodic maintenance. Are you a car dealer? Then you probably want to plan several test drives or showroom visits. But how do you ensure that all of those appointments do not get in each other’s way? Everything depends on good planning – planning that makes optimal use of the capacity of your garage and your colleagues. It that an impossible task? No way! Thanks to our automated appointment platform for the automotive industry, everything runs smoothly. Not only does the planning run smoothly, your customer’s car is also directly linked to the right mechanic and car lift. Ready to get started?

Is T:MEBLOCKR right for our company?

Do you work in the automotive industry? And do you recognize yourself in (one of) the scenarios below? Then the planning and appointment platform from T:MEBLOCKR can certainly offer you a helping hand.

Scenario #1 | I want to get my customers back on the road as soon as possible.

Do your customers come to you for emergency repairs, tire changes, inspections or test drives? Then of course you want to get them back on the road as soon as possible. After all, your customer is king. You want to help your customers when it suits them, wherever they are. And you want to make that as simple for them as possible. Therefore, let your customers make an appointment online 24/7 for a time when your workshop, technicians or salesmen are available. This way you avoid unnecessary waiting times and an inefficient working method.

Scenario #2 | I want to focus on my own profession, not on arranging and planning.

Motorized vehicles are your passion, whether it concerns selling, repairing or producing them. Therefore, you prefer not to worry about peripheral matters, such as scheduling appointments and answering emails and phone calls. We want to help you focus on what you do best. T:MEBLOCKR takes care of all those side issues for you. We ensure that your customer makes an appointment himself and is matched with the right specialist.

Scenario #3 | I want to use my mechanics, sales staff, workshops and supplies efficiently.

How do you ensure that you use your staff as efficiently as possible? Well, that can be quite a puzzle. You have to take into account the working days of different experts, the available repair shop areas and, for example, the tools. What if you no longer had to worry about this puzzle and could fully focus on the customer? T:MEBLOCKR automatically takes occupancy and available resources into account. Efficiency at its best!

Scenario #4 | I want all my systems to work together like a well-oiled machine.

Do the various IT systems you work with in your company not work well together? T:MEBLOCKR offers a solution for this too. Our appointment platform can be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems, including your website, social media channels and Office 365. In other words, T:MEBLOCKR is really an extra colleague who takes care of a lot of manual work. T:MEBLOCKR can also easily be added behind a “user login” for customers.

Scenario #5 | I would like our (website) visitors to actually become customers.

With a visit to your website, in the showroom or the workshop, you are often dealing with a “warm lead”. But how do you ensure that this lead actually comes to you for an appointment? We know the secret: by making scheduling an appointment as easy as possible. And T:MEBLOCKR helps you with that. Our appointment platform is easy to link to specific website pages. With pre-filled appointment details that are linked to the type of appointment and a specialist. For example, an appointment for an inspection, a tire change or a brand-new car can be set very quickly.

5 advantages that help you take control of your work processes

T:MEBLOCKR offers dozens of advantages but here we limit ourselves to the five most important advantages of our planning and appointment platform. Curious about the full list? Then please do not hesitate to contact us.

100% safe system

T:MEBLOCKR is a frontrunner when it comes to data security. For example, our software is completely web-based. This not only works very easily, but is also 100% safe. T:MEBLOCKR meets the highest legal safety requirements

Higher conversion of visitors to customers

Do your potential customers know where to find your company, but are not making appointments? T:MEBLOCKR ensures that the visitor really becomes a customer.

Better service and more satisfied customers

Satisfied customers – that’s what you work so hard for, right? Do you want to go a step further and provide even better service? Then use the automated scheduling and appointment platform from T:MEBLOCKR.

Time savings and optimal utilization

Doing tasks manually is incredibly time consuming. Isn’t there a faster and more efficient way? Yes, there is! Thanks to T:MEBLOCKR, (workshop) appointments are automatically scheduled. We take into account the expertise and availability within your team.

Easy to integrate into your website and work processes

T:MEBLOCKR integrates smoothly and seamlessly with existing systems, such as your website, social media and calendar. Thus, there’s no more hassle with complicated links.


Handy features for the automotive industry

  • Clear planning board.
  • Plan appointments based on specialists, expertise, location, meeting rooms and products.
  • Smooth integration with your website, social media and agenda.
  • Fully and easily adaptable to your company’s house style.
  • Insight into data, e.g., regarding garage productivity, appointments and handling time.