More appointments with 24/7 availability


Time savings through automated planning & communication


Less no-shows with smart email & SMS notifications

We proudly serve 1500+ organizations and 3 million users

Easy appointments
Always, anywhere

  • More appointments & Better service
    • Available 24/7 and 100% responsive. Your customers book when and where it suits them.
  • Plug & Play
    • Easily add in your own website, customizable and omni-channel.
  • Countless possibilities
    • Such as agenda synchronization, video call appointments and customer guidance on location.

Efficient planning
Lots of features

  • Time savings & control
    • Automated appointment scheduling, with an available employee with the right expertise
  • 100% SaaS (Software as a Service)
    • Worry-free: includes maintenance, updates, security, configuration and support
  • Data insight
    • Optimize your staffing with, among other things, insight into performance, appointments per shift and handling times

Extensive integrations

T:MEBLOCKR supports all aspects of your organization. That is why we integrate seamlessly with your website, social media, calendars such as Office 365 or G-Suite, payment providers for iDeal and Bancontact, and back-office systems such as AFAS, ERP or Exact.